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Frequently Asked Questions


1. How do I register for a class?

Online: You can register for available classes on the website. Find the class you would like to attend and click on "Register". If you are not already registered with us and logged in, you will be directed to the registration page. On the registration page you will be directed to our Registration Policy, which you should read if you have not already. Upon registering you will have to indicate agreement to the terms of registration. You will receive a link in an email verifying your email address. Use that link to verify your registration and to log into our website, after which you will be able to register for open classes by subscribing to them through the Event Calendar.

Mail: Print out our Registration Application along with the information from the class which you are interested in from the Event Calendar, and mail it along with a non-refundable deposit to the address on our Contact page.

Phone: Call our office at the number and during the times given on our Contact page.

All students will be required to sign the Registration Policy upon arrival before being admitted into the class.

2. Do you have an upper/lower age limit for your classes?

8 W.A.Y.S. Academy welcomes anyone older than 12 years old by the first day of his or her respective class. However, insurance restrictions require that all 8 W.A.Y.S. Academy students who are younger than 17 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. The guardian must be at least 17 years of age by the first day of the respective class. Both the parent and the guardian are obligated to pay class tuition for the class they would like to register for. All students not accompanied by a parent or guardian must be 17 years old by the first day of their class. In the future it may be possible for parents or guardians who have taken previous class to come and volunteer for the class that their child is involved in without incurring any of the class tuition. All students 16 years or younger will be required to have a liability waiver signed by their parent or guardian. We are currently working to set up a program geared towards introducing children younger than 12 to the skills we teach.

3. How early can I sign up for a class?

As soon as a class appears on the schedule you can sign up, however, please keep in mind that once you have registered, if you are unable to attend the class for whatever reason, the cancellation provisions of our Registration Policy will apply.

4. When is the latest that I can sign up for a class?

We close the registration at one week prior whether a class is full or not. This allows us plenty of time for administrative issues and to fill our food and supply orders by the start of class.

Class Prices

1. How much do your courses cost?

Refer to the particular class you are interested in for cost.

2. How much of a deposit do I have to put down to reserve my space for a class?

The minimum Class Deposits are as follows:

One Day courses: $135

Weekend Courses: $135

One Week Course: $300

Please read our Registration Policy before registering for a class.

3. When is the balance due for my class?

Due to the time limitations of the classes, the balance of tuition is due one week prior to the start date of the class. Please read our Registration Policy before registering for a class.

4. How do I pay for my class? Do you take credit cards?

You have many payment options for 8 W.A.Y.S. Academy classes. We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover cards through PayPal online. Personal checks are accepted only when drawn on U.S. banks, in U.S. funds. Money orders and travelers checks must be in U.S. funds. Please make all checks and money orders payable to 8 W.A.Y.S. Academy. Cash is only accepted when registering in person at our office, please do not mail cash.

5. Can I get/use a student loan to pay for my 8 W.A.Y.S. Academy classes?

8 W.A.Y.S. Academy is not an accredited institution and does not qualify for student loan status.

6. Does 8 W.A.Y.S. Academy offer discounts?

Periodically 8 W.A.Y.S. Academy will offer various discounts for returning students or referrals. Sign up for our newsletter so you can stay up to date on the latest discounts we will be offering. We also intend to set up a permanent discount for all military and emergency response personnel who are currently serving (Active or Reserve).

7. Do you offer group discounts?

Private classes for large groups or non-profit organizations (e.g., church youth groups or Boy Scouts) may be eligible for discounts. However depending on logistics and obligations required by 8 W.A.Y.S. Academy, the class (and discount) would have to be arranged and approved well in advance. Contact us at info@8waysacademy.com

Attending a Class, Meals, and Accommodations

1. Where will my class be held?

Currently 8 W.A.Y.S. Academy’s classes are held in an established camp at the OWL Center in Dubach, LA.

2. How do I get to my class location?

It is the attending student’s responsibility to get to the class.

3. When should I plan to arrive for/leave my class?

We will begin setting up several hours ahead of the class start time and we will provide you with start and finish times for the class you register for. Keep in mind you should allow yourself plenty of time for delays and you should also give yourself plenty of time to set up your camp at the beginning of class and plenty of time to tear it down. If you are going to be late please contact the 8 W.A.Y.S. Academy office at the number on our Contact page so we can be aware and make the proper accommodations for you. If you arrive before the times listed below personnel from the 8 W.A.Y.S. Academy will not be available and the camp at The OWL Center will not be available until the time we have reserved. We encourage you to make every effort to arrive on time because the first class lectures of all the classes are very important for the remainder of the class. If a student does not arrive within a reasonable time 8 W.A.Y.S. Academy will take efforts to contact the student, but we will not hold up the rest of the class due to someone else’s absence. Please make sure we have adequate contact information.

Listed below are the general start and finish times for the classes.

One-day classes and weekend classes (usually on Saturday or Sunday) will start around 8:00a and end around 5:00p, followed by a period of fellowship.

4. Can I arrive early?

Registered students can arrive at the camp when personnel from the 8 W.A.Y.S. Academy arrive at the camp also. Please be respectful of The OWL Center property and of the camp facility that is reserved for the school.

8 W.A.Y.S Academy personnel will arrive at 6:00a for the one-day classes and weekend classes.

5. Can I stay a few days after my class?

Unfortunately students are not permitted to stay at the campground that is reserved at The OWL Center. The facility has to be reserved in advance and 8 W.A.Y.S. Academy reserves it only for the necessary amount of time. The facility is used by many other organizations that also have to reserve in advance.

6. Where do I stay during my class?

All students stay in tents at the campgrounds where the class is being held. Please note that if you drive you may not have immediate access to your vehicle, so do not plan to keep gear or supplies in your car.

7. Do you provide tents?

A limited number of tents are available for rent on a first-come, first-served basis. All tents will accommodate at least two people and their gear. Tent rentals are $25.

8. What kind of meals do you provide? Do I need to bring my own food?

8 W.A.Y.S. Academy does not provide meals except for certain circumstances (see class description for the class you are attending). Students should come prepared for their own dietary needs.

9. Can I bring snacks?

Depending on which class you choose snacks are accepted, however some scenarios limit the student on what they bring so keep this in mind when you attend. Just remember that you will be keeping that food in your tent with you, so re-sealable containers are recommended to keep the critters away.

11. I’m not in the best physical condition — do I need to “shape-up” before taking a class with 8 W.A.Y.S. Academy?

Students of 8 W.A.Y.S. Academy come in all ages, shapes, sizes, and physical conditions. Our courses set in the classroom are geared towards teaching whomever wants to learn. We will do our best to accommodate every student that wants to take those courses. Some of our courses do require some physical durability and while we will not turn you away from participation, your ability to participate may be limited. If this is your case we cannot guarantee your satisfaction with our courses.

12. Can I bring my children?

Yes. However all children between 12 and 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian, and all children will be required to have a liability waiver signed by the parent or guardian.

13. Can I bring my pets?

Only pets used for the visually impaired are allowed.

14. If I live nearby can I stay at my home during the class?

All students must stay at the campgrounds during classes that require campouts. If students will be attending one-day classes back to back, we recommend they stay at the camp with us. It is the student’s responsibility to be at the class on time.

15. If I have my own car can I come and go during class?

No. Except for emergency situations, students must remain in camp for the duration of the class. In some cases, cars are parked outside of the camp area. Once a student leaves the class they are not permitted to return that day.

16. I’m coming from overseas — can you arrange for accommodations for me between my classes?

We do not provide or arrange student accommodation before or after classes. 8 W.A.Y.S. Academy will not provide transportation. If you plan to stay in the area before, after, or between classes, there are several inexpensive options nearby.


1. What if I’ve registered for a class and I can’t make it?

Due to administrative and logistical issues and the registration deadline it may not be possible for 8 W.A.Y.S. Academy to make a refund of any monies paid for tuition. Please take the time to read and review our Registration Policy.

2. What is your Cancellation policy?

Please read and review our Registration Policy.

3. I can’t make the class I’ve registered for — can I transfer my registration to another class?

In the event you cannot attend your scheduled class it may be possible to transfer funds for credit. Please take the time to read and review our Registration Policy.

4. Can my partner/friend/family member use my credit?

Credits may be transferable from a child to the parent/guardian who would have accompanied them. All other credits must be used by the student who registered the credits and are not transferable. Please see our Registration Policy.

5. What is your Refund policy?

Please refer to our Registration Policy.

Class Equipment

1. What kind of equipment should I bring?

We will email a list of required and recommended equipment to each student as they register and then again at one week prior to the class (if we do not have a registered email we will mail you the list to the address you provide that will arrive at approximately the same time).

2. What kind of weather should I expect?

Always expect Louisiana to be hot, humid, and raining. Current weather information, as well as month-by-month temperature and rainfall averages can be found at weather.com. Look up the weather for Ruston, LA.

3. What kind clothing should I bring?

Weather is rarely predictable, even in the middle of summer, so bring several changes of clothing and be prepared for all temperatures. Above all, be sure that you have appropriate rain gear for both you and your tent! For a complete list of what to bring to class see individual class pages for details. Louisiana tends to be hot and humid and rain is always expected.

4. Can I bring a video camera?

No. Video recording is not permitted during any 8 W.A.Y.S. Academy class. If you would like to view videos of what was learned in a class please check out our page on YouTube. You can subscribe to our channel using the link in the footer below or just do a search for “8 W.A.Y.S. Academy”.

5. Can I bring an audio recorder?

No. Audio recording is not permitted during any 8 W.A.Y.S. Academy class.

6. Can I bring a camera?

Yes. We encourage students to take pictures of all class activities and displays. However, please keep in mind that video recording is NOT permitted during any 8 W.A.Y.S. Academy class, so if you have a digital camera that also shoots video, please restrict your usage to taking still photographs only.

Contacting 8 W.A.Y.S. Academy

If you have further questions that are not answered above, please use the information on our Contact page to let us know, and we will respond as quickly as we can.