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About Jonathon

Jonathon Pinckard is the Founder and Lead Instructor of 8 W.A.Y.S. Academy.

From his early childhood, Jonathon has been a practitioner and proponent of self-reliance. Jonathon grew up on a farm under his uncle's guidance where self-reliance was simply a part of life. This uncle empowered Jonathon by teaching his craft and abilities and teaching him how to learn and solve problems for himself. There was no running water or electricity, they farmed their own food, and everything else was provided for them from the forest around their home.

As Jonathon grew older he began seeking out people who could teach him more about the wilderness and how to live there without being dependent on modern tools or conveniences. This included several years of living with Apache Indians and courses of study with other teachers of wilderness tracking and survival skills. Through this time Jonathon developed the crafts and principles that our school now teaches.

Jonathon founded his first school in 2009 and has constantly worked to promote the philosophy of self-reliance in harmony with nature and to empower others with the crafts and attitudes we teach and demonstrate through our programs. 8 W.A.Y.S. Academy further refines Jonathon's vision for passing on the legacy that so many others have shared with him.