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Corporate Path

These events are designed to assist corporate leaders with human resource development, leadership development, and safety awareness.

Team-building – Events that clients may arrange for their company or organization that encourage team unity and growth using our self-reliance craft in team-building exercises. These are structured around the clients needs and are guided over one or two days.

Leadership – These events empower individuals through role-playing and decision-making in an outdoor setting. These courses are custom-designed according to specifications developed in consultation with the client and can be anywhere from one to seven days.

Wilderness Safety – This is a short class on wilderness safety for employees of our clients to assist them in a crisis. Recommended for employees whose daily tasks are in isolated or dangerous areas. This training is delivered in four or eight hour trainings.

Private Media Trips – These are consultation trips for media producers.

Celebrity / VIP Packages – These are specialized experiences for celebrities or VIPs who want private packages.